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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Valentine's Labyrinth by Jamieson Wolf

Valentine's Labyrinth is another triumph by the master story weaver Jamieson Wolf.

Anna loves Valentine

Emprius loves Anna

Valentine loves Asterius

Lady Magnolia loathes everyone

The tale draws the reader deep into the year 270 AD. Between the pages of this book lie lushly decadent experiences.

A magical and sweetly innocent handfasting ceremony conducted in a forest serenaded by the sound of gently ringing bells.

Extravagantly erotic love scenes.

Exceptionally vile and frightening evilness in the form of Lady Magnolia.

This book delivers it all in an enchanting tale of the kaleidoscopic impact of love. Read this and you should find yourself wrapped in a feeling of wellbeing and hope by the time you read the closing sentence.

Valentine's Labyrinth will be available from Cobblestone Press on December 17th.

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