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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll by Richard Blandford

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll is a story about teenage angst. About falling in and out of love, lust and friendship. About the starting and stopping of 'being in a band'.

Not only does Richard tackle these subjects with consummate skill, he goes one step further and adds in a teenager named Neil who is most definitely on the Asperger's Syndrome end of the Autistic Spectrum.

Reading about Neil's behaviour was like relieving my teenage years. Intermittently throughout the novel I would realise that I was thinking 'Oh urk, I did that, I behaved just like that!'

I was looking forward to reading Richard Blandford's second novel because I had enjoyed his debut novel Hound Dog so much.

The first surprise came about because I had assumed, perhaps naively, that this new novel would be written in the same style as the first. How wrong I was.

The second revelation was how very (very, very , very) well written Flying Saucer Rock & Roll is. I used to admire Richard's authorial skills but at the moment I am finding it difficult to see past the waves of jealousy...

Seriously though this book is a treat. Buy it and find out for yourself. Oh and if you would like to read a more traditional review of Flying Saucer Rock & Roll then go on over to
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