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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll by Richard Blandford

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll is a story about teenage angst. About falling in and out of love, lust and friendship. About the starting and stopping of 'being in a band'.

Not only does Richard tackle these subjects with consummate skill, he goes one step further and adds in a teenager named Neil who is most definitely on the Asperger's Syndrome end of the Autistic Spectrum.

Reading about Neil's behaviour was like relieving my teenage years. Intermittently throughout the novel I would realise that I was thinking 'Oh urk, I did that, I behaved just like that!'

I was looking forward to reading Richard Blandford's second novel because I had enjoyed his debut novel Hound Dog so much.

The first surprise came about because I had assumed, perhaps naively, that this new novel would be written in the same style as the first. How wrong I was.

The second revelation was how very (very, very , very) well written Flying Saucer Rock & Roll is. I used to admire Richard's authorial skills but at the moment I am finding it difficult to see past the waves of jealousy...

Seriously though this book is a treat. Buy it and find out for yourself. Oh and if you would like to read a more traditional review of Flying Saucer Rock & Roll then go on over to
Scott Pack's blog.


Anonymous said...

It is a cracking book, couldn't agree more.

SueG said...

sounds great, and about one of my favourite topics. I'm always a sucker for rock n roll books! Thanks! Off I go to Amazon-land.....

nitebyrd said...

So far, I've enjoyed every book you've recommended. I love rock & roll and since I don't have any teenagers, reading about their angst won't irk me much! LOL

Leigh Russell said...

I applaud your idea of only reviewing books you like. It's a civilised approach that all critics should adopt. So many critics seem to enjoy slating other people's creativity. Any work of art, performance, music or writing (or most of them at least) takes a lot of effort to produce and reviewers can be cruelly dismissive. My book is currently with reviewers before its publication in June.
My pleasure at having a book published is, sadly, tempered by anxiety about what people are going to say about it. I'm sure other writers feel the same and it does seem a shame. Other reviewers should follow your example.

Leigh Russell said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I've been invited to appear at Havant Festival subject to dates, and look forward to meeting you there if it works out.

I hope you enjoy Cut Short enough to review it!