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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Blood of Strangers by Frank Huyler

I've read several books since my last review and they were all ok but none of them moved me enough to want to write a review about them. However, the Blood of Strangers by Frank Huyler was an absolute delight and not just because it is comprised of my favorite read which many of you will know by now is short stories.

Although the book is about the experiences of an emergency ward doctor and therefore not the most lighthearted of content, the reading of these stories is almost effortless. In fact, I felt as if I was looking at art or watching a movie instead of actively reading.

Frank Huyler is a poet and this comes across clearly in these stories. He is able to paint a vibrant, exquisitely alive scene with very few words.

I was disappointed when the book ended for it was far too soon for my liking. I will be keeping a look out for more by Frank Huyler. You can treat yourself to a copy by clicking below.

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