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Friday, 20 November 2009

Roast Books

Ok, I know it's been ages since I last posted a review but I succumbed to swine flu and wasn't capable of much more than sleeping. If you want to join my pity party then you need to go here. Dress code is PJs, slippers and comfort blanket.

Before I got ill I had the time to indulge myself in a few books published by Roast Books. I've been following Roast Books since it was little more than a twinkling concept in Faye's mind as a new university graduate.

I am a devoted fan of Roast Books because they do something very few publishers do; they publish novellas. I think novellas are way too underrated and am so pleased to have discovered a publisher who wants to get them out to fill a very big gap in the market.

The first book I read was 'Little Roasts - a collection of short stories'. This will come as no surprise to people who read my blogs regularly and know what a short story addict I am.

The first story in this collection is
Brian, McMurphy & Sally Too by Rowena Macdonald, an incredibly emotive story of friendship and love. It managed to thrill and shock me. At the end I longed to read more.

A Sop of All this Solid Globe by Keith Scales is very 'small town' North America. I know that may not mean much if you didn't grow up on that continent but you'll understand after you've read it. And, read it you should.

Circling by Mark Kotting is very suspenseful, very cleverly written. It left me thinking about it for a long time after I'd finished reading.

Rudimentary Mathematician by Nikhil Pandhi is short but very cinematic. Almost disturbingly so.

Selling Light by Effie Gray is wonderfully quirky. The book came alive from the first page and each character called out to me for attention in equal measures. At times I realised that I was holding my breath as I read. My reading time is usually just before I go to sleep but in this case I did something I rarely do and took Selling Light into the bath with me to increase my reading time. The ending pleased me greatly and I have to say that I think this novella is a real treat. Buy it for someone you love.

Lizard by L.Schick reads with an almost dreamlike quality. I'm talking about dreams where nothing makes sense if you think about it too hard but somehow you just know it is right and unfolding the way it has to? It entertained me hugely and I wanted to know what happened next each time I reached the bottom of the page. It is the most unique story I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I look forward to whatever this author dreams up next.

I've got several more Roast Books on my to be read pile and I am looking forward to continuing the experience. Roast Book's blog is here, the full catalogue is here, and you can follow Faye on Twitter.

I think the world needs to know about Roast Books so please plug it on your blogs and websites.

Finally, I feel that I should point out that novellas make great Christmas stocking stuffers and while you're at it why not
treat yourself to a 'great little read' too?


Debs said...

Thanks for these books, they look so interesting.

Leigh Russell said...

I'm definitely in favour of people buying books as Christmas presents, naturally! Book sales at my signings have gone up significantly with people buying copies of my book for friends and family. I like reading short stories so this is a great recommendation, thank you.
I'm glad you're feeling better.

Nik Perring said...

Thanks for posting, DJ! I've just finished Little Roasts - I loved A Sop...

And Lizard's wonderful.


Anonymous said...

haha~ funny!.thank .you for .your ..share.....