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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The State of Me

The State of me, by Nasim Marie Jafry and published by The Friday Project (an imprint of Harper Collins), is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

So I suppose it is now going to seem a bit strange when I explain that it is about a woman's journey through illness!

Somehow, as I read this painful story about a victim of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Nasmin managed to wrap her words around me and whisk me away on a merry dance. Almost against my will I realised that I was enjoying myself. I don't know how Nasim did it but it happened, time and time again, chapter after chapter.

I know of many readers who are forever raving about how dialogue is what makes a book great but for me it is descriptiveness that brings the story alive. The prose in The State of me is wonderfully descriptive.

Nasim paints images with words:

'A man with a staircase of fat from his neck to his groin was eating ice cream at the next table'.

'A woman with an arse like a shelf was wedging herself into the seat in front. She hated me from the start. I accidentally dunted her seat and she turned round and glared with shark eyes'.

'We lay like spoons and he put his arm round me. I could feel him breathing on my neck. It was like agony iced with hundreds and thousands'.

Two pages into the book I thought 'This is perfection on paper'. Then I had to put the book down for a while as I felt faint with jealousy.

Warning...this book is best read in between the writing of your own novels not during...

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I strongly recommend that you make this book one of your must reads for this year.


SueG said...

Thanks for pointing this book out to me. It sounds wonderful, and so beautifully written. I'll definitely put it on my list!

Maddy said...

Amazon here I come!

Maddy said...

It's just arrived! All the way from Gloucester in England - is that efficiency or what?

Now I just need to find the time to read the darned thing. You'd better be right or I'll have your guts for garters......I wonder if that translates?


DJ Kirkby said...

I am right :) Good thing too 'cos I like my guts right where they are...

trousers said...

I can finally read other reviews after writing my own! I concur with every word of yours, and you've lifted some good examples from the book itself. Fab! x