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Friday, 31 October 2008

Witches - The Written Word

Witches : The Written Word Book One by Jamieson Wolf novel which is published by Cobblestone Press and was released, rather appropriately, on Halloween. Jamieson describes his book as 'Gay Romance' but I am not convinced writing of this quality can be pinned down into a single genre.

I found myself absorbed by the end of the first page, enthralled by the richness and depth of the characters.

The descriptiveness throughout the book is magical, alluring, irresistible. 'Books were strewn all over every available surface, every table. They were sitting on shelves, propping up the furniture. There were more books than he could possibly read in an entire lifetime. A soft breeze blew through the room and ruffled their pages; it sounded as if they were whispering to him, begging him to read them.'

The beautiful vibrancy of Jamiesons' words danced across my mind, enchanting me as I fell deeper into the story. He writes exquisite erotica that defies simple classification. This is a decadent love story that goes beyond this world. It seamlessly crosses the boundaries of different planes of reality and combines fantasy with the grit of the modern world.

How does he manage all this? Your guess is as good as mine and whatever his secret may be, I suspect it will remain just that. Jamieson, like his main character Owen, is truly a master storyteller. I am eagerly anticipating Demons : The Written Word Book Two


Megan said...

Eroticism, good writing and the temptation of books - it sounds intriguing

DJ Kirkby said...

It is an irresistable combination for me. I think Jamieson is a very clever story weaver.

auntiegwen said...

hello me matey, the black box sent me !

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh hello Auntie Gwen, welocme to yet another of my blogs...I must get back to doing some Black Boxing, havent had time for a while.