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Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Letters by Fiona Robyn

I was lucky enough to meet Fiona Robyn when she came to town to read some of her poetry on a Tongues and Grooves evening.

Fiona's poetry is exquisite; the words are almost palpable, ripe, warm and juicy like blackberries eaten as fast as they can be picked off the sun warmed brambles.

Much to my delight her fiction has the same which, to my mind, is reminiscent of Gregorian Monks chanting their prayers.

The Letters flings the reader up onto an edge of adrenaline fuelled frisson before dropping you into fur lined ruts where you could happily luxuriate forever.

There is a decadent syncopation to The Letters.

The Letters, published by the wonderful world of Snowbooks, is a treat from start to finish. You can buy a copy here, here or here as well as any good book store and you can find out more about Fiona here.


SueG said...

I already have my copy of the book, but now I'm even more eager to read it. Thanks!

Leatherdykeuk said...

How super. It's on my wish list atm :)

Dave said...

Nice review, Denyse. I may have to treat myself.

Leigh Russell said...

What a wonderful review. I must read this collection now.

nitebyrd said...

Another book to add to my Amazon wish list! Fiona's book sounds too delicious not to read.